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Industry Experience:

With over 30 years of commercial and teaching experience, Dr Adam injected his marketing instruction with as much practical enrichment as possible. Having worked in consumer goods - both in manufacturing and services - and in a range of positions from advertising account executive through to product manager, marketing manager, and general manager, students found this of great value. He also worked in industrial services with marketing and operations responsibilities. This practical experience was gained in both Australia and Europe. Over the span of his career, he moved back and forth between industry and higher education to maintain currency and to retain a real-world perspective.

Academic Experience:

Dr Adam's education teaching experience now spans many years and includes teaching in Asia: 
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. July, 2001 - Nov, 2015.

Research student completions as primary supervisor:
2001-08: Six Honours (2 x H1; 4 x H2A); two PhD; and one external DBA.

Managing partner, Fontech Pty Ltd. Nov, 1984 - Present.
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. (Full-time) July 2001 - Nov. 2015.
RMITU, Melbourne, Australia. (Full-time, tenured) Feb. 1994 - June 2001.
Deakin University, Victoria. (Full-time, contract) 1991 - 1993
University of Western Sydney, NSW. (Full-time) 1983 - 1985
Southern Cross University, NSW. (Full-time, tenured) 1975 - 1979
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